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Mr. orange Clear Bong

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Product no.: MC6
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Magic Glass Mr. orange Clear Bong
Mr. orange Clear glass bong is both the perfect bong for chilling out after work the user must prove nothing more and the best entry-level model. The neck is angled, what the approach to smoking much easier. The belly has hoisted a glass pipe of this size space and appropriate cooling. The carb hole is centrally placed in this bong, so that is the Mr. orange for left- and right good smoke.

:  320 mm
Wall thickness:  3.2 mm
Tube diameter:  40 mm
Body diameter:  95 mm
Joint size:  14.5 mm
All Magic Glass® Bongs are made of Duran, borosilicate
glass 3.3
manufactured with high precision, CC-ground,
bistable joints equipped.

Wall and diameter can vary.

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Magic Glass® Bongs are not mass produced.
These bongs are made from the finest borosilicate glass
and have the highest standard of quality.
All bongs are checked before shipment.
These top quality glass bongs are made in Germany.

You can equip Bong purchased with your name.
Give your bong that special touch.

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